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“Great sailor!!! - Easy to get along with - very skilledand  experienced! - People can feel very save sailing with Hans. I`ve sailed with him twice for two weeks in Sweden and Sweden/Finland.”

P. S., Switzerland

XplorA, the fastest catamaran in East Africa goes off like a race horse when whipped by a gust, and even with an experienced hand, it releases quite some adrenaline in your blood. Yet, the boat is easy to handle and well balanced. I went with Hans for a 2-day trip to Buvuma Island. The scenery on the passage between the many islets is incredible. From the landing site we had a stunning view over the archipelago, lit up by a full moon at night. We enjoyed excellent hospitality at the site of an NGO, whose staff really did their very best to make us feel at home. All in all an exciting, and relaxing weekend full of wonderful impressions.


Hidde B., Germany

Sailing with the XplorA is not just being on a boat, it is an electrifying experience that goes far beyond that! The boat accelerates quickly and silently, with just a small breeze of air. I expected the catamaran to be fast, but this fast? It was possible to participate in the sailing, this definitely added to the experience. You also could relax in the comfortable nets, while feeling the excitement of the speed that made you feel like almost flying above the water!" Every time by setting off onto the lake I instantly left the daily worries and hassles on the mainland.


Bas M., Holland